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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome-ID

CADI-T1031: BM-Systems has discovered and offers the world's first therapeutic solution for CFS-Immune Dysfunction (ID). This proprietary therapeutic protocol has successfully completed the proof-of-concept stage and will enter Phase II clinical trials with our confidential development partner.

Parkinson's Disease
Open to collaborations

CADI-T3021: Our Parkinson's disease pathogenesis and clinical progression model links aging-associated gradual decline in mitochondrial function to specific pathogenic mechanisms of cardiovascular, neurological and metabolic origins, depending on the evolution of specific biological contexts. The proof of concept trial of our innovative therapy for Parkinson’s disease is being prepared to be tested in human subjects with our confidential partner.

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Metabolic Syndrome
Open to collaborations

CADI-T4031: Metabolic syndrome is related to the organism’s selective utilization of energy sources. Mitochondrial adaptation to specific energy sources depends on genetic/ epigenetic and environment-induced mechanisms. Depending upon underlying contexts, these may become dysregulated, giving rise to different pathogenic aspects of metabolic syndrome. The proof of concept therapeutic protocol for Metabolic Syndrome is being prepared for human trials by our confidential partner.

Autism Spectrum Disorders
Open to collaborations

CADI-T2011: Our understanding of ASD causal mechanisms during gestation and their progression thereafter allowed us to identify high ASD risk gestational markers as well as therapeutic approaches attenuating the symptoms and ameliorating the lives of the children. Highly heterogeneous forms of dysbioses, prevalent in ASD, promote the maintenance of characteristic ASD-associated neurological abnormalities and are very likely to affect neuro-immune interactions. BMSystems proposes an innovative microbiota-based therapeutic protocol addressing the attenuation of the core symptoms of autism as well as comorbidities such as sleep disorders, anxiety and depression. 

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Alzheimer's Disease early diagnostics
Open to collaborations

CADI-D3041: BMSystems’ understanding of AD origination in the entorhinal cortex and its course of progression through the different neuronal networks, as well as the contribution of neurological functional units (neurons, astrocytes, dendritic cells, etc.) to the progression of the pathology, allows us to identify biomarkers, together with their means of detections, that could predict or increase alertness for identifying AD at its very early stages of progression.

Human Glycosylation_edited.jpg
Complete Human Glycosylation in Yeasts
Open to collaborations

CADI-B8021: We have fully developed the construction process whereby humanized yeast cells capable of secreting properly folded, identical-to-human proteins with complete human glycosylation patterns, for any given protein and/or peptide, can be produced. The system is able to produce all human-type glycosylation patterns without metabolically compromising the yeast’s vital functions, hence ensuring constancy of glycosylation and proper protein folding, while maintaining sustainable production yields and end-product quality. The project is ready for development and open for collaborations.

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Malnutrition & Metabolic Disorders: India

CADI-T4021: Chronic and long pervading malnutrition in India results in epigenetic and metabolic changes leading to chronic, transgenerational anaemia and autophagy. The major consequences are children being born very small and severely underweight who, in later life, will develop major pathologies such as wasting, stunting, cardiovascular disorders, etc. Rather than seeking to pharmacologically address these pathologies, aiming to attenuate their origins, particularly during pregnancy, together with their later-in-life consequences, might constitute a more effective form of intervention. This collaborative program with the IISER Center of Excellence in Epigenetics in Pune, India, led to the formulation of an effective, extremely low-cost therapeutic approach and the incorporation of Arbuza Regenerate PVT.LTD. for its further development and distribution.

Phage Therapy

BMSystems’ CADI research program provided a long-term sustainable answer to unknown multi-resistant bacterial threats. The TAPE proprietary technology is a new powerful method for creating any number of high diversity segments in any DNA sequences, while preserving intact any number of internal domains for improvements/functional diversification of proteins such as antibodies, enzymes, etc. Pherecydes-Pharma was created to address multi-resistant infectious diseases by producing genetically engineered virulent phage banks and harnessing the therapeutic power of these banks in the detection and control of multi-resistant and/or emergent pathogenic bacteria. The TAPE technology may be also used in biodefence for addressing viral and toxin threats. Today Phercydes-Pharma is exploiting only natural phages due regulatory constraints.

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