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Disease-Centric Repositioning is an innovative approach to generate quick first-in-class, patentable, novel, low-risk/highly efficient and cost-effective solutions preparing the ground for the discovery of best-in-class solutions.

BMSystems generates CADI Discovery models describing the dynamics of a disease for developing its own diagnostic and therapeutic solutions.

Disease-Centric Repositioning Rational: Similar symptoms can have very different functional origins, while similar dysfunctions can produce very different symptoms.


Disease Centric Strategy: BMSystems develops first-in-class solutions using existing drug mechanisms (observed in real life) to address the identified targets, thus reducing short-term risks and securing the patents. 

Important: BMSystem's Disease-Centric Repositioning is not classical Drug Repositioning that uses high throughput in-vitro drug testing, nor a classical AI that assigns drugs to molecular targets, but a robust and holistic procedure that considers the full spectrum of the disease's mechanisms and its interaction with human physiology.

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