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Understanding and validating the mechanisms of a disease/disorder becomes the first objective. Finding the most adapted first-in-class solutions is a necessary consequence of the first objective.


The CADI Discovery models describe the dynamic of the disease mechanisms.


Biomarkers: Identified through the understanding of the causal mechanisms of the disorder and consist of a disease-specific signature (biological, imagery, physical evaluation, etc.…) that also helps to monitor and evaluate the underlying deregulations at different stages of the disease's progression.

Solutions: Directly based on the causal mechanisms, often being the most practical solutions addressing the relevant mechanistic deregulations.

What leads to Therapeutic Success?

The success of a therapeutic approach largely arises from the coherent manipulation of a physiological system as a whole.


and not from that of a target in a molecular context.


Therefore, any given medical problem should be approached from a “systems medicine” standpoint.

In this context, novel therapies are not necessary based on drug discovery, but can be combinations of drugs, nutriments, protocols, e-health procedures, etc….while targeted therapies belong to the “target in a molecular context” concept.


Do not forget: Mechanisms of action, or function of a target, drug, gene, etc.. are not the mechanisms of a complex disease / disorder.

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