Telesphore Pharma

Telesphore-Pharma, BMSystems’ second therapeutic spin-off

Telesphore-Pharma (2020): Second BMSystems’ therapeutic spin-off, addresses Chronic Low-Grade Inflammatory Disorders (CLGID) with a First in class treatment for ME/CFS and a group of Post Covid-19 "long-haulers"

PRESS RELEASE: Paris November 30, 2020: Telesphore Pharma, the 2nd BMSystems' therapeutic spin-off is selected by the Biofit 2020 steering committee to pitch its First-in-class "Disease Centric Repositioning" Diagnosis and Treatment. 

Why ME/CFS and why now?

The Covid-19 crisis is the unique opportunity to help people suffering from ME/CFS, provide the healthcare system with the tools for its diagnosis, monitoring and treatment and prevent as many "Post Covid-19 long-haulers" patients as possible from therapeutic wandering they’re already experiencing.

Telesphore Pharma aims to become the worldwide golden standard for the treatment and diagnosis of the disease.


ME/CFS Pharmacological treatment  is a “disease-centric repositioning” of existing molecules addressing the causal mechanisms of the pathology. They have no toxicity nor side effects either individually or in combination. Technology patent ready to be filed.