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For Business Developers, Patients Groups & Investors: 

we discover novel, low-risk, highly efficient and cost-effective diagnostic, therapy, nutrition, cosmetic, biotech solutions for spin-offs or out-licensing.

BMSystems has a track record of successful collaborations with research centers, academia, big pharma, biotech and health foundations. Our success lies in our unique ability to address and exploit the enormous complexity of life’s mechanisms. CADI™ models can describe the cross-talks within systems and between systems (cell types, organs, etc.) and the dynamics of pathological processes and/or pathological mechanisms vs. control. 

CADI™ models describe the mechanisms that cause the diseases together with their pathological consequences, thus allowing to identify novel targets and develop innovative therapeutic protocols across many medical domains, allowing their rapid progress into clinic implementation.

BMSystems is always interested in establishing new collaborations and partnerships for the development of our internal projects as well as creating knowledge by expanding disease biological understanding, identify novel targets, and develop therapeutic protocols that impact patients life.

BMSystems has successfully completed collaborative projects in the following areas:


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME /Gulf War Syndrome; Psychiatric inflammatory mechanisms



Brain - Gut axis interactions; Inflammatory & Metabolic interactions


Psychiatric & neurologic treatment; Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease mechanisms; Alzheimer's Disease mechanisms. Parkinson's Disease treatment; Autism Spectrum Disorders mechanisms; Psychiatric inflammatory mechanisms; Central/Peripheral pain


Hypercholestemia mechanisms; Metabolic Syndrome

Cardiovascular Diseases

Atherosclerosis mechanisms


Breast cancer - Hras; Tamoxifen resistance; Tumor metastasis control mechanisms

Tissue Differentiation 

Müllerian regression mechanisms; Adipocytes growth control

Dermatology /Cosmetics/ Inflammation

 Skin contact allergy mechanisms; Skin pigmentation mechanisms; Skin pigmentation modulation

Industrial Biotechnology

Program Synthons; Industrial Biotech; Complete human protein glycosylation in yeast 

For detailed information, you are welcome to visit our successfully completed CADI™ programs and our therapeutic projects page.

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