An experienced multidisciplinary team. 

Bio-Modeling Systems is the world’s first company that changes the discovery paradigm by integrating scientific, medical & health data into biological and physiological mechanisms while neutralising the digital “garbage in garbage out” reality through CADI™ Discovery.

François Iris
Chairman, CSO & CTO

Geneticist, physiologist & molecular biologist. 40 years of experience in life sciences in academia and industry : Dept. of Medicine University of Otago, The Christchurch School of Medicine (NZ) Millennium Pharmaceuticals' (USA) collaborator of Nobel Laureate Prof. Jean Dausset. Inventor of CADI™ and of new technologies in molecular biology. MRC Overseas fellow, Member of H.U.G.O., Wellcome Trust, and other.

Thanos Beopoulos 
Integrative Biology Director

Biochemist with a PhD in Biotechnology from INA-PG, France. 11 years of experience in metabolic engineering at CNRS and INRA. He now develops predictive biological models for identifying therapeutic mechanisms for (auto) immune, neurological, metabolic and cancer-related pathologies.

Paul-Henri Lampe
Systems Integration, CIO

20 years of experience in Systems integration in healthcare. Scientific Engineering Degree Ecole Centrale Paris. Former IBM Systems Integration Manager. Former Information Systems Manager, Hospital in Paris.

Manuel Gea
Vice President, CEO

30 years of experience in IT and life sciences. Scientific Engineering Degree from Ecole Centrale Paris. Various experiences R&D and business from consumer goods Industry to cosmetics, biotechnology & pharmaceutical companies: Colgate-Palmolive McKinsey, Boehringer Ingelheim, HemispherX Biopharma, Pherecydes-Pharma, BMSystems, and other.

Gérard Dine

35 years of experience in clinical and medical research. Former Head of hospital’s Hematology Dept. Former President of the Institute for Sports Medicine; IRMES - Institute for Research in bioMedecine and Epidemiology of Sport, and other.

Pablo Santamaria
Internet Systems Director & IT

30 years of experience in Internet technologies and life sciences. Scientific Engineering Degree from Ecole Centrale Paris, Founder and President of the computing firm Formitel, Glaxo Pharma ( Evreux, France).