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Understanding the causal mechanisms of a disease is the necessary step to find the most adapted therapeutic solutions and effective biomarkers are our objectives. Bio-Modeling Systems is the world’s first company that successfully changed the discovery paradigm in Pharma, Biotech, Cosmetics, Nutrition and Bioprocess businesses.

BMSystems invented CADI™ Discovery in 2004, the first operational analytical platform dedicated to effectively addressing the complexities of life sciences. By integrating scientific, medical & health data into biological and physiological mechanisms while neutralizing the digital “garbage in garbage out” reality, BMSystems generates directly exploitable innovative solutions not only for medicine, but also for nutrition, cosmetics and biotechnology.

BMSystems Group addresses two complementary targets in Pharma, Biotech, Cosmetics, Nutrition and Bioprocess businesses:


1. For R&D and Translational Medicine Executives: 

we offer robust alternative decision-making to de-risk, save time and costs of R&D 

2.For Business Developers, Patients Groups & Investors: 

we discover novel, low-risk, highly efficient and cost-effective diagnostic, therapeutic, nutrition, cosmetic, bioprocess solutions for spin-offs or out-licensing.

BMSystems' Science at a glance


  • CADI™ Discovery addresses both efficacy and safety issues, the main culprits for the unacceptable drug's development attrition rate.

  • BMSystems has generated a significant pipeline of internal Research Programs, patented novel technologies and therapies which led to the creation of two funded Pharma SMEs at clinical stage.

  • BMSystems has successfully completed the POC phase in humans for the successful treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome /ME.

  • BMSystems has generated advanced therapeutic projects that are in different phase of development.

  • CADI™ Discovery and the competition download the document.

​BMSystems Profile

  • Independent Private Company incorporated in 2004. 100% owned by its founders.

  • Profitable since 2006, thanks to our recurrent clients.

  • 100% biology driven company focused on discovery, and critical high impact decisions making.

  • Unique and proprietary CADI™ Discovery analytical platform and CADI™ Knowledge Database of mechanisms & interactions.

  • Markets: Pharma, Cosmetics, Nutrition, Health Technologies, Connected health. 

  • Highly productive 24 vFTE* of which 9 vFTE on CADI™ Discovery programs only.

  • Strong & long term strategic R&D collaborations. 

  • Dual business model : Contractual or Collaborative R&D programs.

  • BMSystems values its therapeutics programs through out-licensing or spin-off.

  • Outstanding internal pipeline of programs ready for collaborations.

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