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For R&D and Translational Medicine executives: we can help you run your programs better, faster, cheaper and safer

With CADI™ Discovery, BMSystems possesses a truly unique competitive advantage: the ability to address and exploit the two major issues in life sciences that are:

  • the enormous complexity of life’s mechanisms, and 

  • the significant and growing unreliability of scientific and clinical publications.

BMSystems generates directly exploitable solutions for:

Physiological/ Diseases Mechanisms Understanding

Multi-systems mechanisms

Exploratory Discovery program to discover novel causal mechanisms concepts

Novel hypotheses for therapeutic and/or diagnostic solutions discovery 

Targets Discovery & Validation

Discovery & validation of biomarker’s signatures  

New Therapeutic/ Diagnostic/ Cosmetics Strategies

Molecules mechanisms of action 

New associations of molecules & devices

New associations of existing molecules

R&D/ Molecules /Clinical Programs Evaluation

GO/NO GO decision before product acquisition or for portfolio risk analysis

Next Phase GO/NO GO decision 

R&D program Rescue for a program facing critical issues during its lifetime

External R&D “plan B” program when the “A plan” cannot be rescued

Drug (re) positioning /(re) profiling

Drug side effects analysis for rescue

BMSystems has successfully completed contractual projects in the following areas:

  • Immunology of Infectious & Inflammatory Diseases 

  • Immune & Metabolic Interactions 

  • Drug mechanisms in the context of Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Creutzfeld-Jacobs Disease

  • Integrins Dependent Metastasis Mechanisms

  • Neuropathic Pains/ Chronic Pains/ Nociception Mechanisms

  • Skin Homeostasis

  • Cardiovascular Diseases

  • Synthons Production/ Industrial Biotechnology

For additional information, you are welcome to visit our successfully completed CADI™ programs and our therapeutic projects page.

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